In total agreement about new industry

Writing in support of last week's letter praising new industry and investment

Dear Editor,

Regarding Darrell R. Rawcliffe’s letter to the editor in the July 3 paper (“Don’t complain; we need new industry”): I fully agree. We need new industry, a lot of it if we are to maintain our lifestyle.

We need the taxes to support our school system, our medical services and health care, our infrastructure, etc. The government can raise our taxes to pay for everything you want, or we can quite complaining and let new and existing industries do their job according to all the rules set in place. We need jobs, industry, and taxes. Where the heck do these protest groups think all the money comes from?

Mr. Rawcliffe: if you have more to say then do not be shy—speak up. The silent majority should not be shy, either: speak up or suffer the consequences.

Andrew Cumblidge