Journal gets kudos for parade support

Ashcroft Parade organizer thanks Journal for its help.

Dear Editor

I would like to expand on my “Thank You” ad from the parade committee to the community. I neglected to include the Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal. The staff at The Journal has been very generous in giving the Parade Committee breaks on the cost of our advertising, and I want them to realize how much we appreciate them and their involvement in our community. I have heard negative comments every so often, but imagine what it would be like to have no local paper….no way for the citizens of our areas to keep up with our special kind of news! There may be the odd boo-boo published, but over all, this paper keeps our communities informed of our local happenings, and helps to integrate our towns together.  Thank You, Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal, for being here!

Heather Philpott