Keep the community bus rolling

People depend on it

Dear Editor

I use the community bus and it makes a significant difference in my life.  I use it to go to Kamloops for acupuncture which relieves my arthritic pain to a great extent and makes life more enjoyable. I have used the bus to go to the Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops for medical tests. This gives me a sense of independence – something that is very important to your senior citizens.

I have come to know the users of the community bus and to see the need for this service in their lives. The bus driver has also voiced his concern over the possible discontinuation of the bus program, not because it is a job but because he cares about the bus passengers – he even knows everyone by name.

Remember, we are your taxpayers, your shoppers, and your volunteers for various organizations. The bus makes it possible to remain in our homes and in our communities. It also is of benefit to Interior Health – without the treatments, massage, chiropractic and acupuncture appointments that we seek, we would be an added burden on our health care services.

However, Interior Health, who always seems to want to cut corners in the wrong places, should really consider the benefits of having the bus service. Interior Health should give thanks for the freedom from additional costs that they receive as a result of this bus arrangement and should gladly contribute to the expenses of operating the community bus.

One more thought – that $70,000 for an engine replacement that was quoted in the article about the bus service seems a little high and should be queried.

Think twice and then think again before you consider opting out of this valuable service for our rural communities.

Regards from a tax payer who would like to be able to remain in Ashcroft.

Lois Petty