Kudos to Village crew

A writer has nothing but praise for the efforts of the Ashcroft Village crew.

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Ashcroft Communities in Bloom I would like to acknowledge the fantastic job that our Village employees have done on the newly landscaped garden bed in Heritage Park. The pride that these men take in their work for our community is evident in the quality of work that they continue to do in the park, and Communities in Bloom is very proud of the working relationship that we have with our Village employees.

The new bed, located at the north entrance to the park, follows the same theme as the other beds that have been redone over the past several years. Using low water plantings and site specific watering, the beds are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but are also water wise, while the desert-coloured rock overlay harmonizes  with our sagebrush- and bunchgrass-covered hills.

On July 18, Communities in Bloom will be hosting a community celebration at Heritage Park at 7 p.m. to commemorate our 10th anniversary in the CiB program. We will have cake and refreshments, the CiB judges will be in attendance, and we will be unveiling  three glass mosaics that will be housed in an attractive structure and featured in the newly landscaped garden bed.

We invite everyone in the community to come and celebrate with us by enjoying a piece of cake. We invite you to take a stroll through our beautiful Heritage Park, which we  refer to as “the gem in the heart of our village”.

Andrea Walker

Chair, Ashcroft Communities in Bloom