Let the Wellness brand fade

Writer says there is no shame in letting the brand fade away.

Dear Editor

Has the Wellness brand become something of a Sacred Cow? I sincerely hope not.

Yet  a decision once it is made, it is well nigh impossible to reverse. The antidote to that, is a new decision or new decisions.

If there is something of a defensive stance by those who worked hard to adopt a brand, that’s natural.

There were meetings called and opinions sought. And input was invited.

And let’s face it, Wellness is the current buzz word. I read it everywhere. Anyone who opens a newspaper or a magazine will see the word popping out at you. There is a Wellness group close to home that does good work. It is in Kamloops. It recently helped families who had lost everything in a fire.

Will Ashcroft’s Wellness brand go the way of the usual buzz word? Buzz words surface from time to time, then disappear into the ether. And a new buzz word, or a whole series of buzz words come into play. That is the beauty of Language. And the English Language is particularly flexible, wildly so. That is why dictionaries have to be revised and reprinted every few years. Our vocabularies expand every decade, even every year. Technology is the main reason. Ever hear of an I Pod a couple of years ago? No. The inventiveness of humanity’s collective mind is boundless.

I don’t  think then we should worry about Wellness as a Brand too much. It will eventually go the way of the Dodo Bird.

Esther Darlington MacDonald