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LETTER: Conservative MP calling out Liberals on gun legislation

Bill C-71 does nothing to address the problem of gun crime

Dear Editor,

Canada’s Conservatives have always put the safety of families and their children first.

We want our kids to grow up on safe streets and we want to ensure that violent criminals don’t have access to firearms. Whenever federal Liberals attempt to curb crime with new gun laws, they always end up targeting law-abiding firearm owners, instead of the criminals responsible for illegal acts.

By focusing on legal gun owners instead of criminals, by ignoring data that shows gun-related crime correlating to gang activity and weapons smuggling, and by refusing to address cross-border gun smuggling, the Trudeau Liberals are completely missing the point.

Further, the Liberals’ current gun legislation, Bill C-71, still does nothing to address the problem of gun crime.

In fact, there is absolutely no mention of the words “gang” or “organized” crime anywhere in the legislation.

Canada’s Conservatives will keep fighting for tougher penalties for gun crimes and to keep known gang members where they belong – behind bars.

We will vigorously oppose a blanket firearms ban on law-abiding Canadians.

Cathy McLeod

Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo MP

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