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Letters to the Editor

Ashcroft should build a dog park

Dear Editor,

Why does the Village of Ashcroft continue to vilify dogs in our Community?

In the March edition of the Village’s Monthly Update, there is a section called Dog Rules Reminder, which sets out that “man’s best friend hasn’t been so friendly.” This is the constant theme of Village communications on the subject of dogs. No doubt, there are some dog owners who do not follow the rules but the constant negative communication leaves one to believe that all dog owners are irresponsible.

In the past 10 years, there have been at least four formal presentations by community members to have the Village do something positive to address the need of dog owners by providing a dedicated off-leash dog park.

Two committees have been authorized by the Village and both have recommended the construction of the requested off-leash dog park. Members of the community have offered to form a Stewardship Society to take financial and management responsibility; all to no avail.

The mayor and several councillors have participated in these committees and still no action. In addition, at the last municipal election, almost four years ago, every one of the current council members committed to support the production of an off-leash dog park.

We hope dog owners remember the failure of these representatives to live up to their promise in the upcoming municipal election.

Doing something positive is more likely to resolve issues than complaining about them.

Kitty Murray , Vivian Edwards and Monty Downs