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Letters to the Editor

A reader writes about the need for adaptation in the face of a changing climate

Dear Editor,

It is clear that higher temperatures than what we are used to are a fact. Keeping the village (and area) liveable requires a bit of adaptation. What can we do to keep up with this changing weather?

More shade wherever possible will make us more comfortable. This can be achieved by the planting of shade trees.

Adaptation here means trees that can survive in a hot, dry climate. Let us look at Arizona. Soon we’ll be living in the same climate. What grows naturally in that state? What thrives in that climate now?

This investigation will guide us to the right species to plant. Buildings can be made friendlier by creating more covered sidewalks. Empty lots can have greenery planted to cover the gravel that reflects heat. This also helps wildlife like birds and butterflies.

Again, we should look elsewhere to find the best species to plant. With hardy species there is no need for expansive and expensive waterlines. Occasional watering can be done with the watertruck filled directly from the river.

This needs an adjustment in what we are used to. And that is called adaptation.

Joris Ekering

Spences Bridge, B.C.


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Letters to the editor