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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about the resurgence of fastball in the area, and give thanks to the organizers
Makenna Laskey of Cache Creek fastball. (Photo credit: Tyrone Laskey)

Dear Editor,

My wife and I signed our daughter up for fastball last season, and she is now completing her second season in the U11 division. When she signed up last year it was because of the influence of some of her friends and classmates. After two years she has found something that she has taken a huge liking to and enjoys very much.

The concept of being on a team and making bonds and friendships that she hopes she will always remember is something she has quickly learned, and is excited to be a part of. Teams have travelled to different communities for tournaments and games while proudly wearing the name Cache Creek on their hoodies and jerseys.

Something that has changed in the last couple of years is that when the bigger towns or communities saw that they were playing Cache Creek, the question that sometimes came up from those teams was “Where is Cache Creek?” That question is no longer there as often. Now it is more “Oh boy! We are playing Cache Creek and it’s going to be a tough game!”

The big reason for that is two individuals who have really taken Cache Creek Fastball and put it back on the map, as it was so many years ago. Brendan and Ashlene Minnabarriet have taken this league and created teams that not only encourage fair play but which have also become very competitive and successful in games and tournaments. The last couple of years of success have really been with the U13 and U15 teams. I see the U7, U9, and U11 teams being just as successful in future years, as they learn the great game of fastball.

Brendan and Ashlene have formed an executive for the league this year, which I believe has been a huge help for them. They also have a volunteer from each division who has taken on the role of manager, allowing them to spend more time on coaching.

If you have never watched a Cache Creek fastball game, there is no better kids’ sport that creates such an amazing atmosphere. Hearing these teams chant songs and cheer their teammates on is something to see and hear. On the road trips I have gone on with my daughter, her cheers usually carry on into the car on the way home from a tournament.

It makes my wife and I pretty happy that she has something she is excited about to go to two days a week and on occasional weekends. I myself also played fastball back when it was big here so many years ago. There may not be as many kids living here now, but I do think it’s going to get just as big.

I know they have deservedly heard it many times before from other parents, but my wife and I want to thank both Brendan and Ashlene for their continued efforts with local fastball. Finding volunteers and organizers who have as much passion about sport and the kids is something communities should never take for granted. Brendan and Ashlene are those very people. Thank you both so much from our family for bringing back the great game of fastball to our area.

Tyrone and Shauna Laskey

Ashcroft, B.C.

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