Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Readers write about oil shipping concerns and the proposed new Eco-Depot site at Boston Flats

Dear Editor,

Letter to Premier John Horgan: Mr Horgan: I am sitting in my living-room in Ashcroft overlooking the magnificent Thompson River, watching train after train of oil traveling on the mainlines of both of our national railways.

I cannot help but wonder what kind of thought process goes into thinking this is a safer way to transport oil. These rail lines run on either side of this pristine waterway, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how this is better in any way than a pipeline already in place waiting to be twinned.

Please quit playing politics with our future. If all of you in office, here and elsewhere, would truly take our interests to heart and quit playing what appears to be gamesmanship, we could have a safe way to transport our natural resources.

The way our raw logs and oil are being shipped elsewhere for processing is a matter for another day.

David Reid

Ashcroft, B.C.

Dear Editor,

I have just read, with considerable interest, Barbara Roden’s report (“Ashcroft residents get information at Community Forum,” The Journal, April 18) on the proposed Eco-Depot to be located at Boston Flats.

Like other local residents I have very mixed feelings about this proposal, broadly for the same reasons given in Roden’s article: that the Eco-Depot project has had no public consultation, the possibility (I would say virtual certainty) of odour and dust generation, etc.

We’re given to understand that the relocation is necessary because access to the current site of the Eco-Depot is muddy at certain times of the year. That’s very true, but as other people have pointed out, this is a problem that could easily be rectified by extending the paved road the short distance that goes from the airport to the current site. So the “mud” factor is really a poor excuse for the proposed relocation.

A much better justification for the relocation is this: that it is better—so much better—to locate it, with all its unsightliness, at the very entrance to our Ashcroft, where, we are repeatedly told, wellness awaits us.

So by all means let it be Boston Flats.

Ermes Culos

Ashcroft, B.C.


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