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Letters to the Editor

A reader writes about the many occupiers of the area around the Ashcroft Slough
The Ashcroft Slough, date unknown. (Photo credit: Facebook)

Dear Editor,

I made a list of all the activities at the area known as The Slough. I may have missed a few. But the ones I recall from my long sojourn in the area are as follows:

- The native people who camped, fished, and hunted in the area for countless generations.

- The Oliver Evans farm from about 1885 to 1915.

- The Muir dairy farm.

- DuPont Chemical, which manufactured dynamite for the mines in Highland Valley.

- A local builder who milled stone at the river for a few years.

- The railways, which had ditches built on either side of the rail tracks to stop access.

- The container port presently occupying the land.

Artifacts unearthed at the site by the container port reveal the earliest history of the area. This history of the area, and its use for some years by local people, has been recorded in the Journal.

I hope this helps. Access to the site today would seem limited to unlikely. But who knows?

Esther Darlington

Ashcroft, B.C.