Municipal land bad idea for new rodeo grounds

Writer says village should protect taxpayers by keep rodeo off municipal lands.

Dear Editor

There is a good reason why the village should not have municipal land used as a rodeo ground.  It is legal liability.

The former grounds were on privately owned land within the municipality. Today, liability insurance is increasingly expensive. I can’t see how the municipality can get around this. Everyone wishes to see a suitable place for the rodeo to continue. But where ever it is to be located, if it can be located, liability is still very much a part of the equation.

Liability is the issue here. It was for Desert Hills Farm, and it is with the native land as well. It’s a hard fact to face. But what is the alternative?

We live in a litigious age. No one likes to say No. Especially for an event that has endured for half a century. It’s a sad commentary on the way insurance costs have escalated in the last 25 years. I am sure council and our administrator are well aware of this.

Hopefully, reason and understanding will prevail.

Esther Darlington MacDonald