Mystery of the forgotten Ashcroft hotel

A reader wonders why no mention of the Sands Hotel in a recent article

Dear Editor,

Regarding Esther Darlington MacDonald’s story about “The little town where nothing changes” (July 25), I take exception to the line “the village would not have another hotel for several more years” after the Ashcroft Hotel burned down in 1974.

My family moved to Ashcroft in 1973 and purchased the Sands Hotel, which had been built in 1961. It was situated at 611 Railway Avenue, where the government building now stands. I personally remember seeing and serving Esther in the lounge, pub, coffee shop, dining room, and cabaret there in the 1970s, so am dismayed that she has no recollection of our family’s hotel.

My family sold the hotel in 1980 and moved to Kelowna. We moved back to Ashcroft in 2006 to retire in this beautiful community, and I know that many people here still remember the good times at the hotel.

T. Daniels