Paid deposits aren’t refunded

Reader thinks it is unfair that deposits paid on containers at the grocery store aren't refunded at the bottle depot.

Dear Editor

I need to vent! I pay a deposit on my juice bottle (glass) or my gallon water jug or whatever, don’t I? Yet, when I go to the bottle depot to get a refund because I am trying to be environmentally friendly as well as cognizant of where things go, I cannot get a refund that I paid at the store. Just because they have no label.

Kids peel labels as do adults. So now, when driving about looking at the scenery or going for a picnic, whatever, when I see a bottle without a label, am I going to pick it up? Probably, because that is the type of person I am, but the next guy is going to say ‘not likely’!

Why is it that the government takes and takes? Puts enviro fees on everything and then when it comes time to return, we are turned away or it costs us? Big Corporation has taken over with recycle and has decided to rule. And then people wonder why there are ‘dump piles’ where they shouldn’t be. Government makes it tuff for the little guy and this is what will happen.

We now pay extra for anything that has an electrical cord on it. Depending on the size of this purchase will depend on the extra fee. They take and then they take some more.

It is really hard for the average person to get some things to the dump. And when it is made harder to dump or recycle we just say to heck with it and put it all in one bag. Really great for the environment when we keep being told to recycle, reuse, compost.

I do my best to do all of these thing. I make my own juice (the reason there were no labels on my bottles) and I have used these bottles for years. And I now just threw about $20 into the glass recycle that I paid for or some other person did because I pick garbage up wherever I might find it.

I think it is time that the Government thinks of the “little guy”, the ones that PAY their wages!

Muriel Davis

Cache Creek