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Passing lane needed

Author sympathizes with drivers who get impatient in the bluffs.

Dear Editor

I need to make comment on the subject of “Passing in the bluffs” (Police Report, Feb. 5).

This road is safe to do 80 km/hr. The problem really started when some highway official had a brain fart and put up the 60 km/hr sign which some people actually believe that this is the speed limit and have to do it. If they go back into there drivers test book the will see this is a suggested speed limit for those who can’t drive. They also took out the passing areas which allowed people to pass legally. There were only a few that drove slow before these so called experts came up with their nightmare decisions.

If you don’t want to be tailgated then do the speed limit and people won’t pass on a double solid line. The road is more than capable for 80 km/hr. You are causing road rage. Those 60km/hr signs should be taken down a.s.a.p.

Glen Joss

Cache Creek