Remembering Jim Despot’s contributions to education

Colleagues of Jim Despot, who passed away recently, praise hi as a caring, common sensical man and educator.

Dear editor

The Board of Education stopped to pause and remember the contributions of former School Trustee and Superintendent Jim Despot at our meeting in Lytton on March 3. The impact of his life was evident by the hundreds of family, friends, and colleagues who attended the memorial service held in Kamloops last week.

Jim Despot served in a number of key roles in his career with School District 30 which later become School District 74. Characterized by warmth, caring, common sense, and inspiration, Jim’s many contributions will be alive for years to come in local schools, communities and beyond.

Warmest regards and deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

On behalf of the Board of Education

Carmen B. Ranta,  Valerie Adrian

Co-Chairs, Board of Education, Gold Trail School District 74