Save money on prescriptions

A writer advises about how to save money when getting prescriptions filled.

Dear Editor,

Here is a tip for anyone with ongoing medical prescriptions: you can save a significant amount of money by asking the pharmacy of your choice to dispense a full three months’-worth to you.

Doctors write many prescriptions for three months at a time, but certain pharmacies only fill 28 days of that at a time. This means you pay the dispensing fee three times per item.

For me, I calculated this to make a difference of $547 over a one-year period. So if you want to save that kind of money, insist on getting your three months’-worth of medication at one time. Your doctor ordered that, and you are entitled to that, even if the pharmacy does not tell you.

This information needs to be out there, especially in an area with a high percentage of seniors.

Joris Ekering