Talking Stick – local projects looking good

Director Steven Rice updates the many projects happening in the rural areas.

As summer winds down, with a wisp a crisp fall air creeping in as the September sun sets, I find myself in the midst of possibly the busiest time I’ve experienced since being elected.

Though a couple folks in Spences Bridge seem to keep me hopping while the farm is in full harvest…and our little café is having a very busy summer…it is all good…as it makes for a great time for myself as the busier the better. (And Paulet puts in more hours than me.)

I am truly excited about upcoming TNRD projects in Blue Sky Country with the Lytton Legion getting a makeover, the Lytton Parish Hall a much needed new deck…and possibly most exciting….  the Walhachin Museum/Community Hall improvement project!

Maybe you have noticed their new entry sign…that is just the beginning. This inside/outside project will include new sinks and toilets, a snack and coffee bar with a few tables to enjoy a social gathering or as offerings to museum visitors. A new furnace will allow year around use of the Museum without the associated high costs of the existing heating system…much like the Spences Bridge Community Hall. New energy efficient lighting and windows will also help lower overall cost of running the Museum.

Outside ideas include bocci ball, lawn bowling, horseshoe pits and even a giant chess set. A very low maintenance landscaping plan includes rock from local quarry businesses, an arbour covered picnic area with barbeque, a new deck that would open to the inside for easy access.

There is much more planned and when the makeover is done we are hoping to have an Open House reveal to celebrate the new, improved historic Walhachin property.

Last but not least, the final match of the Blue Sky Cricket circuit will be held this Sunday at 2 pm at the the Spences Bridge school grounds. Come check it out!

On another note…

When I look around Spences Bridge I see incredible people doing incredible things.

I see folks who get up the morning looking to make Spences Bridge a little better place to call home. I see Fire Chief Oram heading to the fire hall in the early, early morning…almost every morning.

I see Al Dickinson spending days to fix our school property water system. I see our First Responders always on the go (they have even saved a life because our fire department is so well equipped, and always looking to get better).

I see Ross Figley, boy do I see Ross Figley…can he be any more places doing any more things to make our town better…I think not!

What about the Miller family? What a wonderful addition to our town. The comments about the fire Hall, turned home, turned unique roadside attraction is the talk of the town. Small town character and quality of life…it is what makes us special…thanks to all who make this happen!

To this end my farming instincts took over and I felt we should recognize all the folks who make a difference day after day in all the Blue Sky Communities.

We are calling it the PVC recognition award…Positive…Volunteer…Community…(PVC being my method of irrigation thus the farm connection).

To acknowledge the work our volunteers do …in 100 words or less send me an email and state the reason you feel this individual should be recognized or what projects they have done. Whether it be Botanie Valley, Sarangati, 16 Mile, Walhachin or somewhere in between, many of our volunteers have been making our communities better for decades…it is nice to recognize the folks on which the vibrancy of a community depends.

We are looking for those folks that wake up with a Positive approach as a Volunteer to helping their Community become a little better place to live. You know who they are. I will include a submission or two in my Talking Stick column and buy them a cup of coffee or a beer the first chance I get…seems the right thing to do!

Steven Rice

TNRD Area I Director