Talking Stick – Parades, movies and music

Monthly column of community news and opinion, written by TNRD Area I Director, Steve Rice.

Our farm, Secret Gardens, has been taking a good bit of my time but alas…all is planted except for a few pumpkins and melons.

In addition, my TNRD duties ramped up as of late beginning with my first Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) conference in Saskatoon. The FCM brings together about 1,800 politicians from all over Canada to make policy recommendations, network, and listen to our leaders – Mulcair, May, Rae – we even got a short video speech from Stephen Harper.

Bill C-38, the Omnibus Budget Bill was the hot topic and a number of amendments were proposed. And none were approved in Ottawa as the majority Conservatives defeated all 159 amendments.

On a better note, was the Ashcroft Rodeo fun or what! What a great job the volunteers did, with a special Shout Out to Heather for leading the charge.  The time and effort put into this incredible event must have been overwhelming. Well done!

My first parade ever, and what a parade it was! (Except, I ran out of candy! In the middle of the parade!! Some kids were not impressed.)

The TNRD has been trying to establish a dangerous dog bylaw for rural areas, which is much more difficult than it sounds. We have come up with some questions about enforcement so this very emotional issue will turn another chapter. It has been carried over until these issues are sorted out – hopefully sooner than later.

The TV series Mantracker was renewed with a recent sneak preview being held  in the Barriere area. Much of its filming will be done in the area.

TNRD has a number of other film projects on the go including the German production, Gold, which will be filming around the Clinton area. The Film Commission is also close to getting a great new website up and running so you can check out all the ongoing film projects.

Summer approaches with sunshine, fresh fruit and vegetables, rafting, fishing and wildlife. What a beautiful slice of heaven on Earth.

We have already experienced the great success of Graffitti Days, the Ashcroft Rodeo, the raceway adding a dirt bike racing track is off to a great start…with many great events to follow.

Terri and Marci at Gold Country are launching a number of geo caching initiatives, taking a great deal of due diligence to make this modern day treasure hunt a great draw for our area…a big thank you for a big effort!  Seeking out sights, signing permission agreements, dealing with the good, the bad, the ugly… I would not want the job. Kudos!

Desert Daze tickets now on sale. Go to to check out the festival. Aug. 17, 18 and 19 are shaping up to be the best yet…and you can purchase your tickets online.

Just saying…

Steve Rice