The Editor’s Desk: Voter report card

What kind of voter are you: good, bad, or indifferent? Take this quiz and find out!

Election 2019 is just around the corner, and across the country voters are getting ready to cast their ballots. Everyone realizes how crucial it is for each eligible Canadian to exercise her or his franchise and vote, but what kind of voter are you? Take this handy quiz to find out!

1) When it comes to your voter registration card you a) Checked it over carefully to make sure there were no errors, noted where and when you can vote, then put the card in a safe place; b) Put the card in a safe place; c) Think it’s in the pile of unopened mail on the kitchen counter; d) What’s a voter registration card?

2) You changed addresses since the last federal election, so you a) Made sure to inform Elections Canada of your new address as soon as you moved; b) Made sure to inform Elections Canada a few weeks ago; c) Think you let Elections Canada know, but moving is a pretty hectic time; d) Figure that if it’s that important, Elections Canada will find you. It’s not like they don’t know where you live.

3) When it comes to advance voting you a) Always take advantage of it, to avoid the crowds on Election Day; b) Try to take advantage of it, but it’s hit or miss; c) Would take advantage of it if you could find your voter registration card and check the dates; d) You like to think of yourself as as a happy-go-lucky, last-minute kind of person.

4) The English-language leaders’ debate was last week. You a) Watched/listened to it from beginning to end, made notes, and did some checking if something sounded off; b) Watched/listened to it from beginning to end; c) Would have watched/listened to it but forgot about the time change and missed it; d) Are you kidding? There was playoff baseball on Fox!

5) Thinking about the candidates in your riding, you have a) Read all their party platforms thoroughly; b) Read parts of most of their party platforms; c) Glanced at the party platform of the candidate you intend to vote for; d) Thought a party platform was what candidates stood on when giving a speech.

6) There was an All-Candidates’ Forum in your riding. You a) Went with a list of detailed questions you wanted to ask specific candidates; b) Went to hear what they had to say; c) Went because there was nothing better to do that night; d) Are you kidding? There was playoff baseball on Fox!

7) Having looked at the candidates in the riding, you have made up your mind about who to vote for based on a) Extensive research about which party’s platform most closely aligns with your own values; b) Some research about which party’s platform most closely aligns with your own values; c) A blind guess about which party’s platform most closely aligns with your own values; d) The candidate whose name appears first on the ballot.

8) When deciding who to vote for you a) Vote for the candidate who you think would best serve the needs of the riding; b) Vote for the candidate who did the best job at the All-Candidates’ Forum; c) Vote for the candidate who represents the party you’ve voted for all your life; d) Vote for the candidate who had the most lawn signs.

9) When discussing politics with people in the run-up to the election you 1) Listened to what they had to say with an open mind; 2) Tried to listen to what they had to say with an open mind; c) Shut down if their politics disagreed with mine; d) At this time of year, if it’s not about baseball you don’t listen.

10) On election night you will a) Settle in with a trusted news source to follow the results; b) Flick between the election results and your usual Monday night shows; c) Have the election results on in another room; d) Are you kidding? There’s playoff baseball on Fox!

Scoring: If you ticked mostly a) Congratulations! You’re a model voter. If you ticked mostly b) Good job. You gave it your best. If you ticked mostly c) At least you knew there was an election going on and cast your vote. If you ticked mostly d) You have no right to complain come Oct. 22.

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