There are also success stories

Dear EditorI realize that it is often difficult in these tough economic times for anyone in business locally to think positively. It is disappointing, however, that The Journal’s columnists cannot take a more positive view of things happening around Ashcroft and district.

Esther Darlington MacDonald (‘Cakewalk Chronicles’, 31 May) makes much of the closure of Cache Creek’s Wander Inn, and the Recreation Centre’s restaurant and Buffalo Station in Ashcroft, and says: ‘All of that is gone. Gone. Gone. Why?’

Yet she makes no mention of the fact that Central Café has re-opened for evening meals (on six evenings a week), nor that there is now a catering service in Ashcroft, offering first-class cuisine and timely delivery of ‘hot’ food.

I’d suggest the reason why restaurants do not survive in Ashcroft is a combination of there being too many establishments to service the population, lack of public support, lack of variety in the menus, and, sometimes, indifferent food and service.

But, instead of harping on the negativities, let’s cheer Kelly and John Douglas for ‘giving it another go’, and credit them for providing darned good food at a reasonable price in pleasant surroundings. Let’s hope that, if the local populace really does want restaurants in Ashcroft and district, the support they deserve is given to them.

Christopher Roden