Time to put the feet up – holiday time

The lazy days of summer - and lots of chances to take pictures - beckon the Journal's editor.

“Summer time, time, time, when the livin’ is easy…” Nobody said it better than Janis Joplin. Just kick back in the shade on the deck, next to the lake or under the first tree on your right, and enjoy the hottest part of the year when things slow down to a lazy buzz.

Or, that’s the way they’re supposed to. They would be that way if they were on vacation.

Yes, it’s vacation time again for myself, and I only tell you this because you may start wondering why you see Barbara Roden’s name here and there in the paper for the next four weeks.

I have every confidence that Barbara will do an excellent job while I’m gone. Being a local gal, she already knows and understands the issues that concern us, and she can finally put that old journalism training to use!

And while she’s here having loads of fun, I will be catching up on my sleep, my gardening, my quilting (probably exactly in that order) and anticipating my first real vacation in over a decade.

My definition of a vacation is more than a weekend stay-over at this place or so before driving home, as we do most years.

This year’s trip started with the usual drive to Fort St. John to visit friends and family. Tool Man wanted to visit his sister in Terrace so I said, “Then let’s just hang a right when we get to Prince George.”

Then Tool Man said: “We can go to Prince Rupert and catch the ferry for a trip through the Inside Passage.” And then “Drive from Port Hardy to Nanaimo to visit my brother,” said I. Circle tour, what a plan!

So, the ferry is booked, the hotel rooms are in place, the relatives all know that we are coming and promise to stick around while we inflict ourselves upon them.

I’m thinking that I’ll need to buy a couple more memory cards for my camera because 8Gbs of space for my pictures might just not be enough this time.

I can already hear the seagulls!

Oh wait, those are the crows outside my office window.

Please welcome Barbara and help make her job easy. As for me, I’ll be back before you know it.