Volunteers need insurance

Dear Editor

I am a volunteer at our local hospital. Thanks to an amazing staff, our residents get wonderful, loving care. It is a joy to be with the residents and staff.

Until recently, hairdressers have come to the hospital and cut, curled, washed, permed and generally kept the residents well-groomed and feeling proud of their appearances. However, now the hairdressers are required to be insured and therein lies the rub as most hairdressers cannot afford to invest between $600 and $800 in order to provide this service.

It was always so nice to see the pleasure everyone received from this service.  When we reach the stage where so many of our boundaries are lost, it is sad to see the loss of this professional service. The staff do the best they can, but they cannot do everything.

I have permission to approach businesses and organizations to ask for donations to purchase insurance for one or two hairdressers to supply this much needed service to our residents.

Lois Petty