We live among honest people

Author thanks whoever found and mailed his lost credit card payment for him.

Dear friends/neighbours

On the way to the Post Office Oct. 16, I misplaced a stamped envelope containing a payment on my VISA card. Having discovered this, I re-traced my route from home but found nothing.

Suspecting that the envelope might have been found and mailed, I contacted the VISA centre to tell them that payment on my account mght reach them Oct. 25 and was advised that because of a possible procesing delay, I should call back Oct. 23 (the day before the due date). Early on the afternoon of Oct. 22, I contacted the centre again and found that payment had been received.

This happy ending did not surprise me since I would expect nothing less from a resident of our community.

To whomever performed the good deed, please accept my sincere thanks.

Lance Eckardt