Wellness, art and history

Letter writer suggests combining wellness with arts and history.

Dear Editor

I must contribute my two cents worth about the controversy regarding the “wellness” theme. The theme selected has nothing to say about this pleasant little town and it also has nowhere to go from here. The grass roots group that has evolved in opposition to the wellness theme would like to avoid the split that has come about and we have a solution to that, there is NO reason why the two themes cannot be combined on one sign or letterhead or other promotion.

Across the top can be the “Visit Historic Ashcroft” in the middle range can be Home of a vibrant art community, and across the bottom can be Wellness Awaits You.

Our arts community is the part that we should have selected to promote, there are countless ways to promote this area as a destination arts community, we do have a vibrant art community, stop and think about it instead of engaging in a spiteful response such as “well they had plenty of time to attend the meetings”, let’s fix it instead of fight about it.

The arts community locally is the one thing that we can be most proud of, the Youth group that put on such a successful production as they did with Grease, the annual art show, the in hiatus Prickly Pear Players with their dinner theatres, the Winding Rivers Arts and Performance group, you can draw people into the community with things like that, you cannot attract with such an airy theme as wellness awaits you, the only thing that we actually do await is the opening of the famous Opera House.

Beverley Campbell