Where is democracy and freedom of choice in forced compliance?

Author wonders where democracy is when a government ministry can force the town to take on debt.

Dear Editor

Increased turbidity and the presence of bacteria – this is the prerequisite to spend literally millions of tax dollars and increase local taxes, based on lot size and zoning.

Chewing at my conscience are phrases like “acquisition of”, and “required by”, and, “legislative missions”, and “additional costs associated”, and “compliance authority”, and “conditions of acquisition” and… must I go on?

What about freedom of choice? What about the democratic system? This is now being lost unto this forced collective.

This legislation is being forced on us, and as usual without prejudice notice or care to the gallant entrepreneur and the capitalist creators delivering their services house to house for less cost than this socialist collective could even come close to. Deferred are the individual man’s right to free choice, this forced dependence calls for collective servitude of the group.

So mostly only American parts are available? With our dollar at 60 cents to American dollar! Just continue if the cost goes up, smile at us and exclaim the extra cost will be usurped in accordance with the living documents involved with the collective. These types of ideologies have been around before and more than once accepted by an empire of blind followers.

So if the water quality is good, it’s well balanced and usually clean as stated and easy to treat, then why? I do ask. Get ready to spend millions of our money without exploring the human action which is freedom of choice involving personal action. This is the ability to choose any household product that will safely reduce the small chance of contact with the said evil bugs and turbidity. Heck if every house was granted $2,000 for installation of private systems, this would still be far less than half of the proposed cost for this malfeasance, endeavour.

Albert Drinkwater