B.C. author Mark Cameron will be at the Cache Creek library on June 23

B.C. author Mark Cameron will be at the Cache Creek library on June 23

Author’s tour is a family affair

Mark Cameron brings his reading and storytelling to the Cache Creek library on June 23.

Sunshine Coast author Mark Cameron is bringing his “30 Days of Sunshine” book tour to the Cache Creek Library on Thursday, June 23 at 5:00 p.m. While Cameron is promoting his debut novel, Goodnight Sunshine, he is also talking about the adventures he and his family (wife Sheila, 13-year-old daughter Iris, and 11-year-old son Simon) have had touring in their camper van over the years.

“We climbed into the van six years ago for one year,” says Cameron, who is halfway through the tour, and since then the family has spent the equivalent of two years living in their home on wheels. This year he wanted the family to see more of B.C., which their alternative lifestyle allows them to do.

“Since we do home-schooling—or no-schooling—we’re not tied to the school calendar, so we can take off in June. Something we’ve found is that others who do home-schooling are very intrigued. And the life we lead is very interesting to a lot of people.”

The tour is taking Cameron and his family to libraries, farmers’ markets, and bookstores throughout southern B.C. During his presentations he does readings from his novel, talks about the family’s travels, and tells some stories. He also speaks about the life of a writer, and sounds pleased that Simon appears to be following in his footsteps.

“He’s already written a full-length novel, and enjoys doing snippets of readings from it at events,” he says. Iris accompanies her father to farmers’ markets, where she sells the “bead bugs” jewellery which she makes herself. Cameron’s wife Sheila is also his editor, so “It’s very much a family affair!” he laughs.

He wants to get across his love of reading and love of books during his presentations, and says that the audience can expect a mix of real life and fiction.

Goodnight Sunshine tells of Oliver Bruce, a disenchanted family man sleepwalking through life on a quiet island near Seattle when he finds himself inexplicably alive after a multiple-vehicle accident. He is drawn to Ecuador, seeking an invention that could transform the global energy landscape.

The “30 Days of Sunshine” tour name came not only from the title of his novel, but from the fact that the family hopes to see 30 days of sunshine during their 4,200km trip. Cameron says that so far they appear to be on target to hit the 30 days, and is looking forward to sunshine in this area on the 23rd.

“On one hand, we’re travelling in luxury, with a bathroom and kitchen. But when the weather forces us inside, it’s harder for everyone to maintain a sunny attitude.”