Two teams make their way down Rattlesnake Hill into Cache Creek in 1867

Two teams make their way down Rattlesnake Hill into Cache Creek in 1867

Cache Creek Heritage event celebrates village’s past

Residents are invited to bring any treasures they might have from the town's past to share with others.

A swizzle stick may not sound like much; but a vintage swizzle stick from the Oasis Hotel in Cache Creek inspired a heritage event in Cache Creek two years ago, with residents invited to share their treasures and memories from the village’s past.

A second similar event—“Tales, Gold Trails, and Treasures”—will be taking place in Cache Creek on Friday, April 28. It’s the first of several events that the Village of Cache Creek is planning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the town’s incorporation.

“We’re looking for any items relating to the heritage of Cache Creek,” says Marcie Down, the village’s activities coordinator and the organizer of the event. “Photos, newspaper clippings, images, any items related to Cache Creek that are the sort of thing you’d find in a museum.” She adds that someone recently brought in some old softballs that date back many years to when softball was last played in Cache Creek.

People will be encouraged to talk about what they bring, with the event resembling a show and tell, but do not have to speak. Down says that someone could also prepare a description of the item(s), to be read out by someone else.

There will be a slideshow presentation of old images of Cache Creek and the history of the area, and historical items on display. Down says that there will also be displays of items from the museums in Ashcroft and Clinton.

Anyone who wants to bring in items to talk about should call Down at the Cache Creek village office (250) 457-6237 before Thursday, April 27, which is when the displays will be set up. Down hopes to see items from the Cache Creek and Bonaparte area, adding that she would like to see First Nations participation.

There will be two events on April 28; one from 2 to 4 p.m. and one from 7 to 9 p.m. Refreshments will be served at the evening event.

At the Cache Creek council meeting of April 10, 2017, council voted in favour of allocating $5,000 to a new 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee, in order to fund the committee as it plans a special 50th anniversary celebration. Cache Creek chief administrative officer Keir Gervais says that they have not yet decided whether it will be an independent committee, or run in conjunction with another existing committee, such as Graffiti Days.

“Marcie and I have started forming the committee, and are weighing the pros and cons of partnering with another committee,” says Gervais. No decision has been made on what form the celebration will take, or when it will be held.