Cheers! MLA Jackie Tegart (standing

Cheers! MLA Jackie Tegart (standing

Grant will provide upgrades to the Clinton water system

The current water mains between the water treatment plant and town are well past their projected life, and will be replaced this year.

The Village of Clinton is receiving federal and provincial infrastructure grants totalling $975,250 to replace between 10 and 12 kilometres of water mains extending between the water treatment plant and town, as well as the pressure reducing valve on Carson Crescent. The village’s share of the project will be $224,750.

The announcement was made on March 31 by Clinton mayor Jim Rivett and Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart. “This partnership between governments is so important,” said Tegart. “It will guarantee good water, through the work of the mayor, council, and staff.”

MP Cathy McLeod was also there for the announcement. “Even though I’m in opposition, I get to celebrate,” she said. “I’m glad your community is receiving this. It’s really important news.

“I remember, as a mayor, looking at those big bills for water and sewer. One million dollars is a lot of money, and I know what it means for a small community. It’s a relief to taxpayers.”

Rivett agrees, noting that “This is a big chunk of cash for the village to receive. The work has to be done by the end of the year, so the first step is getting people to come in and locate the existing pipes, then map out a new route.”

He adds that the current water mains were put in during the 1950s. “Our asset management plan identified this as the number one infrastructure project in the village.

“The mains are 20 years past their lifespan, and we’re living on borrowed time. If they break, the impact on the community would be huge.”