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More than 20 per cent of Fraser-Nicola voters voted in advance polls

The riding was 21st in the province, out of 87 ridings, in terms of the percentage of voters who took advantage of early voting.
There are very few legitimate excuses for not getting out to vote.

X. Y. Zeng/Black Press

Of 87 electoral districts in British Columbia, Fraser-Nicola residents ranks 67th for advance voting turnout, and 21st for advance voter turnout as a percentage of all registered voters.

Fraser-Nicola residents registered 5,180 votes during the advance voting period on April 29, 30 and May 3-6. Saturday, April 29, saw the highest advance voter turnout, with 1,444 votes registered. Thursday, May 4, saw the lowest, with 470 votes cast.

The highest turnout was in Saanich North and the Islands, with 12,389 advance votes cast. The lowest was in North Coast, with 2,213 votes cast.

Fraser-Nicola has 23,578 voters registered as of April 11, which puts advance turnout at 22.0 per cent of all registered voters. This puts Fraser-Nicola towards the top of the list.

The highest was seen in Esquimalt-Metchosin, at 29.3 per cent, while the lowest was in Richmond North Centre, at 10.4 per cent.