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Supporters rally behind Jackie Tegart in Ashcroft

The Liberal candidate is in a tight race with the NDP's Harry Lali, and leading in early tallies.
Fraser-Nicola Liberal candidate Jackie Tegart with supporters in Ashcroft on election night.

Supporters of Fraser-Nicola Liberal candidate Jackie Tegart continue to gather at her election night function in Ashcroft, mid word that she has been declared the winner in the Fraser-Nicola riding. She was declared at 9:55, to cheers and hugs, with CTV confirming the victory half-an-hour later.

With 64 of 88 polls in Fraser-Nicola having reported, Tegart leads with 4,908 votes votes. The NDP's Harry Lali has 3,960, while Arthur Green of the Green Party has 1,646 votes and Michael Henshall of the Social Credit Party with 411 votes.

Fraser-Nicola is considered a swing riding, and one of the most hotly-contested in the province. In the 2013 election, Tegart defeated Lali by 618 votes.

Fraser-Nicola Liberal riding president Shirlee Johnson says "I fell confident, because I think people have seen Jackie Tegart as an MLA who has worked very hard on behalf of her constituents. She understands what rural B.C. needs, listens to people's concerns, and advocates as she is able."

Logan Lake reported earlier in the evening: not with numbers, but with a text. "Jackie Tegart took double what Lali did. The choice here is pretty obvious."

There were cheers, hugs, and popping champagne corks when the result was declared. Tegart supporter Bob Corley says "Christy Clark and Jackie Tegart have done reallywell. And anybody who couldn't support Jackie Tegart in the local area ought to be ashamed of themselves."